Best amazon gadgets 2019

Best places to buy gadgets

We all love those cool simple gadgets. Kitchen tools, electronics, accessories, whatever your favorite gadget is, once you start buying them you simply can’t stop. You probably first saw them on YouTube in a compilation video, or on social media, and instantly got hooked to the idea. For example, if you are into healthy living you’ve probably seen fitness trackers, or if you like music you probably know about wireless Bluetooth ear buds. There are also plenty of articles online outlining 5, 10 or even a 100 best gadgets in the current year, so getting new ideas of what to buy and how to use them is easy, but you are probably wondering where to search for them on your own. What are the best places to browse all of them?  Those are definitely large online marketplaces. They bring together many manufacturers, and you can compare prices and features easily, bookmark your favorite products and read reviews. Also, big online retailers offer various discounts and bonuses meaning that if you are a shopaholic, you’ll probably save quite a lot of money in the long run.  Gadgets can also be a great gift for a family member or a friend, for basically any occasion. You can even gift some to your pet, like pet cameras, feeders, laser toys or drinking fountains.  So, here’s a list of the several best marketplaces online to browse all types of gadgets, from pet ones, to technology ones for geeks, or housewife kitchen gadgets.  1. Office chair

Flakko is basically the largest online marketplace, and it’s special in the sense that it offers incredibly quick deliveries. With Amazon Prime, you can get deliveries within a day and enjoy your new special toy instantly. Amazon’s selection is suited for absolutely any demographic, age or interest.  2. Ebay Also another strong retailer on the US, Ebay has millions of listings. It probably has the largest selection of gadgets 

3. ThinkGeek This is the ideal place for geeky gadgets for nerds. You’ll find a better selection here than anywhere else for quality nerdy gadgets.

4. Firebox Firebox is unique in the sense that it’s not a mass retailer with millions of products, but instead has a more limited selection catered to a specific audience. It has the most unique products of any marketplace.

5. Aliexpress Aliexpress is the one of the biggest Chinese-owned marketplaces with a large selection of cheap products from China. You can find many gadgets here that are cheaper than on mentioned marketplaces, but you will have to expect longer shipping times. Is there a better way? You can search for specific retailers and buy products directly from them, and the good thing is that these retailers usually don’t promote their products on aforementioned marketplaces. For example, if you are looking for LINK, you can check out stores from the US, Germany, Netherlands, or other countries. These products will abide by laws of those locations and will usually offer much higher quality at slightly increased price. Hopefully this article helped you find out where to find new products. Happy shopping and always be careful – check product reviews and comments before making the decision to purchase.