wedding photography

What are the Qualities of Photographer that bring Best Results?

Family pictures are a fantastic medium to sustain memories permanently. For the generations and years to come, a family picture can be used to keep the reminiscences valued. Keeping the worth they serve for us, the command of clicking photos cannot be offered to any Tom or Harry. Just similarly gifted and professional wedding photography has the ability to click a family image with subtlety and subtlety. Be it the form of a montage or picture just professional Commercial photography has the eyes and vision to capture the finer information of the topic. He comprehends the value of lights and understands how even a minor shake can blur the imaginative vision of a picture.

A photographer is extremely specific about the information of a picture and the background. For him, the topics of pictures need to depict the emotional connection. He might be knowledgeable in every type of photography however …

Motel 6

Motel 6: It’s expanding into India!

Motel 6 , the name says it all! Not now, but back then in 1962 when it started operating as one of the most affordable hospitality chains, their name explained it all. How? Let’s find out.

Motel 6

At that time initially, the owners of this motel chain decided to keep the price per room just $4. A cup of coffee would cost more than that today, but it was also very cheap for a motel room even back then compared with other hotels and motels in the same class. When their own market survey concluded the fact that they are charging too less and it would be hard to sustain in the business with that kind of rate, they made it $5. However, after some days, the rate increased a bit further and finally Motel 6 charged $6 from its first customer. Hence, their name was seemingly strange, but …