Power to Choose Energy

Energy Supply and Your Best Options Now

In order to save energy, you can also use simple methods in your kitchen. To avoid heat loss, we advise you to place your pots and pans on the plate, the diameter of which corresponds to the size of the container. Also, remember to cover them, this will allow you to reach the desired temperature more quickly. With the Power to Choose Energy you can find the best choices now.

You can also, when cooking pasta, boil the water in the kettle, before pouring it into the pan. In addition to being more economical, it will be faster. Also, try to favor the microwave in the oven when you want to reheat leftovers. As for the choice of the oven, we advise you to opt for a fan oven, which will have the advantage of being able to cook several dishes simultaneously.

For cooking plates, electric plates or gas-fired systems consume more energy than induction plates, even if the latter are more expensive to buy. Also avoid placing your cold appliances near a heat source, in order to save energy. Also do not open the devices too long and too often to avoid heat loss. Finally, to avoid overconsumption, remember to defrost the devices. This will allow your devices to consume less electricity.

Be smart about washing

Power to Choose Energy

In a large family, machines tend to run continuously. To limit the consumption of these devices, you can follow a few tips:

  • Opt for air drying, so as not to use the dryer too much. In addition to saving energy, this will prevent you from damaging the laundry too much.
  • If you cannot do without the dryer, we advise you to spin the laundry as much as possible before going to the dryer. The greater the amount of water to be removed, the more electricity the device will consume.
  • Abort the prewash step which is of no use. You can also choose to wash with low-temperature programs that wash just as well as traditional programs.
  • Concerning the dishwasher, it is more economical to use it than to wash by hand, if it is filled to the maximum of its capacities. You should also not hesitate to use the “Eco” option which will allow you to reduce consumption by half.

Finally, do not forget to properly clean the seals and filters of the equipment. Indeed, if the latter are obstructed, the devices will not function optimally, and they will consume more electricity. Reducing the electricity bill therefore also involves appliances in good condition.

Hunt for multimedia devices

Multimedia devices are more and more numerous in our homes, causing a surge in electrical expenses. We, therefore, advise you to opt for devices that consume as little energy as possible, in order to reduce the electricity bill.

Opt for an LCD TV rather than plasma screens, which consume a lot of energy. Prefer a laptop to a desktop computer, a large consumer of electricity. When choosing your printer, choose an inkjet model, which is more economical than a laser printer. You can also choose to opt for a multifunction printer rather than having a separate scanner. Unplug your smartphone or computer when charged. Even if the battery is full, it will continue to use electricity.