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Greater Solutions for the Perfect Trading Reviews

Trading is accessible to everyone but you have to start and know a few basic elements before you start. The trading world is very large and will necessarily meet your expectations. Whether you are a short-term or long-term investor, you will be able to put your ideas and market forecasts to good use, be it on indices, commodities or even a stock. Now you can go to the website and find the solutions.

First of all, be aware that many things affect the stock market and that it is important to be very careful before investing. One of the advantages of trading CFDs is that thanks to the leverage you can invest a small amount while making big profits. But you can also lose your money faster. We invite you to read our explanations on the leverage offered by trading sites.

Where to start?

We advise you first to open an account in demo mode to start trading without risking your capital. Take the Broker, which offers a demo mode with $ 10,000 to trade to familiarize you with the trading platform. Immediately you will be able to start trading over 4000 stock market products.

Get informed before trading

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It is essential on the stock market to be informed before taking a position on a product. Do not hesitate to consult the stock exchange forums to ask for opinions, discuss your future trades with friends. Do not leave with the idea that you will win and that you are sure, you will gain trades, but you will also lose, this is completely normal. The goal is to make a profit in the long term, don’t forget. You can also go to a bookstore and buy books that talented investors have written. You can never be too informed, it can also give your ideas.

Elements influencing the stock market

As previously written, many factors influence the financial markets. In this part we will detail the main elements that shake the stock market.


The macro economy is very important. This remains a main factor regarding the financial markets. The macro-economy includes the figures of growth, unemployment, inflation. It is imperative to follow with the macroeconomic figures that come out every day.


As important as the macro-economy, geopolitics can shake the financial markets with the announcement, for example, of a war or problems between countries. Impossible to predict, this factor is unfortunately very important.

Graphic analysis

Considered by some traders as the most important element some only trade on graphical analysis. It is quite complicated for a beginner to understand graphical analysis but obviously it is learned over time. We are in the process of writing a dossier on this subject which you will be able to consult soon.

Business Results

Several times a year, companies provide information on past results and forecasts for the coming months. Obviously, when the majority of results are higher than analysts’ expectations, this is considered a good sign for the economy.

Leverage allows an investor to bet a sum greater than his financial capacities and positions and to hope for gains which he would normally only be able to obtain with a significant financial investment. For example, if you invest $ 1,000 and the broker promises you a leverage of 20, he will bet $ 20,000 for you.