business setup in dubai

Sharp and Essential Business Setups for You

Delight the world with your knowledge and turn your passion for a certain subject into a profitable business? Does that look interesting to you? So, come with us and we’ll show you how online courses will make a difference in your business and people’s lives. For all essential business setup in dubai you can find the best supports right here.

There are many reasons why you can start betting on creating online training right now: the ever-increasing demand, the possibility to teach everyone wherever they are, and of course, the possibility to turn your passion into a highly stable business, profitable and scalable.

If you are ready to break the barriers of the classroom, to take your knowledge to the four corners of the world and create your own online training. This is the right time for that. Your kick-off may be recording a course that solves a specific problem for your client “How to sell more over the internet”, “How to manage your company’s Instagram” there are plenty of ideas.

Position yourself as a Consultant

If you are an expert in any subject, you don’t have to juggle a thousand to start making money. You can now invest in the career of Consultant. You can develop a product that is “1 hour of consulting”, in which you go to the client, understand his need, give tips and guidance and the client applies the strategies you have taught.

You can sell an hour, an hour, or a consulting group, a package for an “x” value, and these consultancies can be in person or online. So you lower the barriers, you can serve people from all over Brazil, and this will finance other products that you can think of to have more ahead.

business setup in dubai


No, you did not read it wrong. You can become a mentor. And there is a difference between the Consultant and Mentor. The mentor does not only position himself as someone who teaches and gives tips. He positions himself as someone who walked all the way to get where he arrived, he delivers and knows exactly the step by step to achieve the result you seek. You need to show that you have the experience, have stories and especially cases of people that you helped to get out of ‘point a’ and get to ‘point b’, which is the desired point or transformation you are selling. This mentoring can be individual, in a group, for hours or weeks. You dictate the rules.

Make groups.

This strategy has become a more effective tool than others on the market. The relationship created between mentor and mentee is one of cooperation and trust and allows both to share knowledge, experiences and different points of view. But, why invest and create mentoring groups? What can they do for your business?

The conversation in the groups is extremely rich, and everyone who takes part in wins. The greatest benefit of mentoring groups is the opportunity to be part of a community of people who have similar purposes, with situations similar to each other and who generally seek the same thing. This similarity makes the growth and learning process possible among all members. Besides being very well paid for it, right? So, come on invest in groups.

Make face-to-face meetings.

Today, it’s super trendy to do everything online. But there are those who love the presence, to feel the warmth of the proximity. Do you specialize in any area? What is the challenge of creating a face-to-face immersion within the segment you dominate?