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Smart Choices for the PSL Now

You may not like soccer in everyday life, but there is no way not to stop to watch the games at the World Cup, right? If even your boss releases you sooner, some benefits you should get. Now the team is already guaranteed for the most exciting duels of the World Cup, so how about finding out about the issue so as not to get ugly between one beer and another in the bar? With the psl results today you can have the best deals now.

Player Positioning

This may be shocking, but in football, there is not only the goalkeeper, midfielders and striker. You will hear during the broadcast of the games, your knowledgeable friends and the narrators speak names like steering wheel, center forward, quarterback, tip do not despair. This vocabulary is sometimes used to scrutinize each player’s tactical position on the field. And believe me: the game is more enjoyable to watch when we understand that there are 10 players running across the lawn just to score.


They are the closest men to their own goalkeeper and their mission is to try to stop the attack when they have already managed to pass through the midfield. In the team, Players occupy this position. It is quite common to find very high quarterbacks that help to head the balls that come from the corner kick.

psl results today

Steering wheel

It’s the guy who stands back a little in midfield, ahead of his team’s quarterbacks. He does the hard work: he is responsible for making the first fight with the opposing team, taking the ball without missing and setting up the attacking play. This is a very malleable position, as sometimes a steering wheel may retreat further or may move further forward into the midfield. In the selection, the current defensive midfielders are Gilberto Silva and Felipe Melon.


If all the positions had such literal names of course the left or right back, acts on the sides of the field and is responsible for collecting, lateral. However, it is important to note that the defenders can act in the defensive part or in the attack and they are called wings, as is the case of Maicon author of the first goal of Brazil against North Korea and Michel Bastos.


Another function that, like the steering wheel, is very malleable. The midfielder is, as the name suggests, in midfield, and players who perform this role are often skilled, quick and able to create attacking moves. Most of the famous players you’ve heard your brother or boyfriend idolize were socks like Maradona, Zico or Zidane. The most backward player is called the defensive midfielder as is the case with Elano in the national team, and the one who goes to the opposing goal is obviously the attacking midfielder, like Kaka.


These are responsible for the most exciting moments of the game, the goal of course. There is not much to explain: the striker has to score goals or assists, as the pass is called for the scorer. An attacker can be center forward the guy who almost never leaves the opposing area and who, in most cases, must also be tall and good-headed or can also be striker a name little used today.