quora partner program

The Great Choices for the Smartest Quora Affiliate

The presence of payments by bank transfer is another plus, indicating the legitimacy of the PP business. Look for information about delays in paying a new partner. By the way, we have not had a single delay in payments since 2008. The use of the quora partner program is essential now.

Affiliate Support Service

During your work, you may have various problems or questions. A good software provider always has a professional support service that quickly solves the problems that arise. We recommend that before registering in the new software, contact the support and check its operation, asking a number of the most obvious and not so questions. So you get an idea of ​​the level of training of the selected network. Often, PCs prefer to save on this, and the level of service may be desired. In our network, we approach this issue especially scrupulously, and we consider each of our webmasters worthy of careful attention. That is why 9 out of 10 of our partners like our support.


It is unpleasant when the network statistics are constantly falling, freezing, or the servers are down. Often new affiliates face such problems. Ask support what uptime servers they have to make conclusions. Often, networks themselves post this information on their sites, but this is not a determining factor.

Suggested Advertising Formats

quora partner program

When choosing a PP, you should be guided by the choice of the advertising formats provided. They should not be too aggressive towards the user. It’s no secret that search engines have become smarter and can see what the user does not see. PS search engines are the main source of traffic for most sites, so you should remember what they like. The basic rule that should be followed is that your site should be user-friendly and useful. Make a site for people so that you enjoy using your own site, then there will be no problems. You can also see detailed information on Yandex tips on this topic.

The consequences of advertising for your site

You need to understand that one of the main values ​​of your site is its position in the search engine search line, i.e. if the traffic on your site directly depends on the search results, you should pay special attention to this issue, since now search engines are introducing more and more sanctions to the sites to which they lead to traffic. You can make some good money on questionable advertising formats and materials. But quickly enough, you lose a significant part of the audience. Thus, earning a little more in the short term, you will lose much more in the long term.

Choosing Ads for Your Audience

Rate your audience. What is the average budget? Or maybe only women visit your resource? Indeed, the concept of “expensive” for each visitor is interpreted differently.

Think about what’s interesting to your audience. Games, Credits, Forex, info courses, sports equipment, restaurants, real estate, what can they offer? If you have a mixed audience, and you can’t distinguish a strict thematic affiliation, then mixed-type software like our network is suitable for you.

The convenience of your account and statistics

Your personal account is your working environment, and your impressions of working with software depend on its convenience. If the office is inconvenient, errors constantly occur in it, etc. This is an occasion to think about finding alternative software.