engagement rings

The ring meant for symbol of love

engagement rings

The perfect proposal is incomplete without an Engagement ring. People oftentimes propose to their loved ones to prove their unconditional love. An engagement rings is the symbol of a lifelong commitment of a couple. There are a variety of Engagement Rings in the Jewelry shops and you can also find them online. Choosing the one perfectly fitting Engagement Ring for your partner may be an easy task. But you must be exquisite when picking a unique design and material that goes with your taste and style.

How to Choose

There are many types of designs, materials, and colors that you can pick for your customized engagement ring. Choosing the material of your ring is the basic element of choosing the perfect ring. The rings are commonly available in Platinum materials and various types of gold. The most used material is platinum and 18K gold. They are the best choice for a white engagement ring. Platinum rings are made up of 95% Platinum material and 5% alloy customarily Ruthenium. The great content in the platinum ring shows it is more solid, this is one of the reasons that you find platinum rings heavier than the gold ring. It is a strong and malleable material, thus crafters can easily shape the design. The Platina finish gives a lightly darker and grey appearance to the ring, and it furnishes an antique look without losing any metal weight. People who are in regular contact with chemicals and mechanics prefer Platinum Rings. There should be proper prongs checks.

18k White Gold

It is made up of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. 18K white gold is significantly less expensive than the Platinum. You may hesitate about the yellowish appearance of the white gold ring after it oxidates. Never panic! It usually retains its original color after polishing and replating it. If you prefer wearing the Engagement ring and the Wedding on the same finger, we suggest you buy both the rings in the same material.

Yellow gold is the common gold that has been used traditionally for generations. Indians believe that yellow gold highlights the royal look of the jewels. Indians love glistening yellow gold. Yellow is the original color of the purest gold. Couples like wearing a yellow gold ring with yellow diamonds to conceal the yellow shade of the diamond. If you favor choosing a high color diamond such as D-G, do not go for the yellow gold material. Though yellow gold is the queen of the jewelry industry, Rose gold is becoming widely popular as well. Rosy tint in gold is achieved by mixing the pure yellow gold with copper. The pinkish gold ring has been considered more romantic and pleasing in recent years. Over the years, the rose gold ring turns redder and darker, which adds up to the vintage look of the ring. If you love vintage elements, rose gold is the best choice for you. It goes well with Ferra’s skin shades. Have you ever heard of BLACK GOLD? This is a rare form of wearing black gold. Most of the people are fans of the color black. Yet some people find it attractive and unique. Black gold rings are made up of black Rhodium coating on pure gold. There are infinite trendy designs in the Jewelry stores, now it will be easy for you to choose a perfect Engagement ring for your loved one.