check these led lights

To produce greenhouse not to produce greenhouse gas

Grow tent is a growth room for plants of any size, in which the plant is preserved under the room with several conditions to avoid any the growing illicit of cultivars. In this, the plants can grow with the usage of sunlight and as well as grow lights or in the joining of a two purpose. In the case of heat lamps, the grow rooms will get more heat. So it is supplemented by providing a fan inside the room or it is used to say as growing tents for plants. This is also one of the best methods to grow plants. This article is to say about check these led lights .

check these led lights

In the growing room or tents, the plants can be grown with the use of soil or without the use of a soil that is through the process of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil only with the help of water. The water which is used in hydroponics is the mixture of organic and inorganic solvents. It is also divided into two types namely sub hydroponics and top hydroponics. Sub-irrigation is a method in which the water pump is fitted at the bottom of the plantlets. The water is pressed outside and left for nearly ten to twenty minutes. Then after the required time, the water which is pumped from the hole will get the return in the pump for the reusable purpose. This is repeated several times and this is the process of a sub-irrigation or sub hydroponics. Next to say about the hydroponics is passive hydroponics, the passive hydroponics in nothing this is a process in which the plants used to get water in a drop by drop condition directly to the root. These two methods were also useful for us to save water in our environment and also leads not to waste the crops by providing excessive usage of water. In indoor cultivation that is the grow tent is the soil-less mixture for the cultivation of crops like vermiculture, perlite, rock wool, the coconut husk is used often in this type of grow tent

Purpose of Lighting

In the process of a grow tent, mostly they use the artificial lighting only a few peoples use natural lighting (sun) by opening a window of a grow tent or by using a wide hole in the grow tent. The artificial lighting is equal to the sun as which is used to help the plants to grow. For lightning, they use discharge Lamp of high intensity like the sodium-vapor lamp and metal halide lamp, compact fluorescent lamp and the traditional fluorescent lamp which mostly produces the very low heat in the output condition. But now led lights which are abbreviated as Light Emitting Diode. It is replaced for its efficiency, low heat reducibility and some of the advantages as we have discussed in the previous article.


As we already know, the plants intake the carbon dioxide and give out as oxygen which we can use for breathing. Nowadays the advanced grow tent is furnished with air conditioning for the plants to grow in the moderate temperature.