custom pins

Enamel pin will show off your royalty and elegance

Enamel pins are also known as the lapel pin, and it is worn on clothing. These custom pins are used for ornamental purposes to reveal the charming appeal. It is also sometimes worn to indicate the wearer’s affiliation to the organization. Members and non-members of the organizations particularly wear this pin to show their achievement and membership. These pins are often recognized as the symbol of accomplishment. Even in some parts of the world, people have taken up the collection and trading of custom as their hobbies.


First of all the outline of the design is drawn with hand in the colour of blue either manually or digitally. Then the planning must be carried out in terms of element used and artwork carried out. After the designing approval, it is inked in blue colour and placed on a mechanical sheet. Technically speaking this could be called as the blueprint. After designing the manufacturing process can be initiated in no time. The manufacturing process includes stamping moulding, outline cutting, attachment, plating, polishing, colouring, cleaning, baking and epoxy coating, cloisonne, soft enamel, photo etched, photo dome, screen printed, 4-colour process. The enamel custom pins are made up of metals such as nickel, copper, brass and iron.


Types of enamel pins that suits me

custom pins


  1. Cloisonne’s pins- These pins are jewellery type, and its usage is from ancient China which is made up of die struck metal and glass enamel.
  2. Hard enamel pins- These pins are made up of hard metal and are painted by hands which are available in various colours.
  3. Soft enamel pins- The metal line is slightly raised so as the colour and texture result in the interesting aspects.
  4. Die struck pins- The die struck pins are not coloured pins. They just dispense off the colour of the metal used.
  5. Screen printed pins- Since, these pins possess intricated design and colour they are difficult to manufacture.


The types of custom pin backs


  1. Military or butterfly clasp clutch- This pinback features two small pieces of metal that can be pressed together.
  2. Rubber PVC clutch- It is made up a kind of rubber and PVC combination that is available in many colours. It is used in the shirt, clothes or hats where the fabric might directly contact the skin. This can be used to display the pin in the pinboard or pin banner.
  3. Flathead locking clutch- These clutch helps to keep pins by a special locking mechanism.
  4. Ball locking clutch- It is similar to flathead clutch, but the appearance of it is too pleasant.
  5. Safety pin clutch- This pin back consists of button or safety pin in its back. It can be used in backpacks, purses, bags and loose fitted shirts which does not touch the skin directly.
  6. Magnet clutches- This pin back contains two magnets, and its usage depends on the thickness of the dress worn. This type of pin back is recommended to use in an expensive piece of clothing or dress and in extravagant fabric.
  7. Stem style lapel pin or clutch- It contains long pin like filament which can be fastened with the metal or rubber ball shaped pointer.