Improve results

Improve your results with Creation & Results

Specialists in clothing textiles, balance your creation, your customers’ expectations and your budgetary restrictions!
Whether you work in the consumer or luxury market, this applies to you!
Espace Textile offers “Creation & Results”, a programme of actions assisting you from the design of your collection with a commitment to getting results.

Your objectives:

  • To balance your creation, your customers’ expectations and your budgetary restrictions. 
    To build your collection plan.
    To reduce the costs of your collection and maintain your turnover and margins.
    To create a better synergy between creation, marketing and management.
     To get concrete and measurable results. 
Our tools: a combination of the advantages of individual and group work

  • A group programme: 1 launch seminar, 2 practical training courses and 2 group meetings to benefit from a wealth of information and encourage interchange.
    All the advantages of an individual follow-up: 10 half-days in which you are assisted by a trained expert chosen according to your needs to provide the practical answers to your problems.


Improve your results with Vision Programmes

 The “Vision” programmes are designed to assist you with your business strategy. They combine the advantages of group work (interchange and training) and of individual work via a customized approach (with a consultant chosen for and dedicated to your company).

 These programmes, adapted to all sizes of businesses (under 5 people to 250 or more), concern the 3 markets in the industry:Technical Textiles, Interior Textiles and Clothing Textiles. 

  • Vision Compétitive®: formalization of the strategy and marketing policy
  • Vision Commerciale®: improvement of sales results
  • Vision Innovative®: foothold in an innovative culture
  • SynerVision® : carrying off a group project
 What are the strengths of these programmes? 
  • A specific textile method approved by manufacturers.
    A commitment to results in the company.
    Managers who get involved in the design of the programmes (group work beforehand).
    Group meetings that encourage interchange between managers and create a group dynamic.
    A monitored tripartite relationship: company – consultant – Espace Textile.
    Consultants recruited, trained and monitored.
    A world network of partners led by Espace Textile.
 Key figures: 

More than 200 managers throughout France
Total turnover of businesses that followed Vision®: 2 billion Euros
International workforce: 11,500 people
40 consultants recruited and trained
 The 6 strongly concerned textile regions of France (Alsace, Lorraine, Midi-Pyrénées, Nord, Picardie, and Rhône-Alpes).