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When You need a Professional for Computer Services

Computer startup problems are often tricky. In 70% of the cases, it is necessary to call on a specialist. Before starting a process to repair, boot, or install a system, it is necessary for the Boot menu to set the boot media selection. Access the BIOS of your machine as indicated above and in the menu, choose the boot order between the DVD player, USB key, hard disk or floppy disk according to your boot tool. When you start the machine again, the system will be able to load the installation onto your boot disk. For the computer services in kaunas this is important now.

Install a new system

A more radical solution is to opt for the installation of a new system. In some cases, this alternative is the only way to get out of trouble. Especially when your computer is infected with viruses and malware, it is better to choose this option. In either case or when you have to change machines, you always have the possibility to retrieve your information.

Remove your hard drive from your computer, put it in a case, and make a full copy of it with another computer. You can then format it or decide to take a new hard drive to install your new system. However, before opening or accessing your old saved data, do a complete scan of the disk that contains them with a powerful and up-to-date antivirus.

Formatting via the command prompt MSDos gives more assurance for the complete disappearance of viruses or malware on your disk. To access this command prompt, during power-up, tap the “F5” or “F8” key. In the menu that appears, move the selector to choose “Command Prompt”. You can also choose the “No-Fail” mode, go to the interface and press “Windows” + “R” and enter “cmd”. Once the command prompt is open, you can then execute the command “format c:” for example to format disk C.

Troubleshoot POST issues

When the diodes of your machine, even failing to make unusual signs, do not light, it is clearly a power problem. It is equally important to be able to react to his situations. This situation means that power does not reach your motherboard. Due to the multiplicity of possible reasons for this failure, it is important to follow specific steps to detect the failure. To start, you have to check the source of electricity and its transfer. Check the power supply and your power cable or charger. You can change the cable or charger to see if the result remains the same.

The second step in this process is checking the status of your power supply or battery. Make sure they work, because, without them, no energy is sent to the motherboard. With your laptop, check if the culprit is your battery by removing it from the machine. Plug your device directly into the mains and see if you start receiving signs. If so, just change your battery. Otherwise, we will have to go further. On a desktop computer, make sure the power switch is “ON” and make sure all connections are in place.

The motherboard

computer services in kaunas

The motherboard itself may be the cause of the power failure it can indeed receive energy without being able to redistribute it to other components. Before you change your motherboard, some prerequisite actions are required.

Clean the dust

Remove additional components and peripherals from the motherboard. Indeed, dust greatly limits the electronic cards, because it can create bad contact. Thorough cleaning of the motherboard with a Spalter and a blower may be enough to make the motherboard functional again. Take great care to properly disassemble the device to access the motherboard.